The winters here aren't the same as the winters back home.💙

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Song credit: "At Rest" by Kevin MacLeod (
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Release date Jun 29, 2018
Authors. e. s.
GenreInteractive Fiction
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TagsBitsy, Casual, Narrative, poem, snow, winter
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oh damn... yeah... being in canada where it obviously snows.... snow feels so over rated... its nice in christmas stories and stuff... but hell snow just reminds me of the times i had to shovel it a lot...... i still really do love this kind of image.... its like i love the idea of snow and christmas but the actual magic has been lost.... or maybe it was never there..... im russian so we celebrate new years as the big thing instead of christmas... and honestly even tho i love celebrating it.... it does feel like its been slowly drained of magic?? what was once isnt there......

heck sorry >.<;; guess it just really got me thinking...


don't apologise! I totally get what you're saying. 

Snow would have certainly lost its charm over time but because I moved before it could, I can't help but long for it still.

Like, I miss it so much that I made this game but I'm also really aware that if I experienced snow again it probably wouldn't be the same and would just disappoint.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it 💚


i still think pretty fondly of snow myself but just.. i have no more delusions about it haha

i think sometimes we all want some snow in our lives :P <3


This was a nice little reflection! What you said about wondering whether you'll still love the snow when it's not as picturesque kinda hit me. I think I subconsciously applied that question to some other areas of life when i read it... 

good snowglobe ❤❤